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World-Class Software Development Services

Agile Development

Build applications quickly, in response to emerging business needs.

Software Solutions​

Get faster, more efficient business with our software solutions.

Upgrade Systems

Replace clunky, hard-coded legacy systems. Break dependencies on legacy technology suppliers.

Full Life-Cycle

LEMOtek provides you with full life-cycle of development & management for your apps and software.

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Wide Variety of
Software Expertises

Web & Mobile App Development

In addition to websites, we also develop mobile apps that run on Android and iOS platforms, using latest technologies such as Flutter, React, Node.js...

Inspired UI/UX Design

With careful and art mind, LEMOtek's professional designers create UI/UX user interface with unique styles, bearing the spirit of the brand, as well as enhancing the user experience.

Micro-Service Development

The architecture breaks down large applications into small, interconnected services, enabling large and complex applications to be deployed and updated regularly easily.

Testing & Performance Engineering

Turn to our experts to perform comprehensive, multi-stage testing of your software. Upon request, we make performance analyse and code refactor for improvement.

Ecommerce & Omni-Channel Development

With experience in deploying many e-commerce systems, as well as Omni-Channel systems, we will help your business to have effective marketing and sales channels.

Dedicated Team & Resource

You have full control on resources, team structure, progress, quality and technologies of project. We even provide you with on demand clean-room with top security policy.

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Right Knowledge, Niche Skills, and Experience

Agile Development
To have complete control to prioritize development in real time, adapt to changes, shorten time-to-market, and minimize risk. You join in all important activities of development process in every cycle.
Full-Stack Developers
To benefit from our most skillful and experienced full-stack developers, and manage your project with the latest technologies such as Flutter, React, Node.JS, Go, Scala, Python, Angular, and more...
Vertical Experience
To ensure that your solution is adapted to your industry, thanks to our expertise working for leading companies in eCommerce, Finance, Insurance, FMCG, Logistics, and more...
Customer Oriented
To have the best support with the companion of LEMOtek team from development stage, to maintenance stage, all are based on "Customer Satisfaction".
Countries Worldwide

Our global clients, from cutting edge startups to large enterprises, are private companies and technology partners. In addition, our applications serve individual customers around the world.

Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is always the No. 1 motivation at LEMOtek. We stand by our customers from conceptualization to product launch, operation, and value creation.